MESSPRESS > online store distributing instants chavirés tickets
NO REASON > independant mailorder without control

ARBOUSE RECORDINGS > label in the wide ideas and in the pronounced eclecticism
ASPIC RECORDS > electro soundscapes & design bringing 8bit technology to the new century
AUTRES DIRECTIONS IN MUSIC > label de moulins et de moulinettes
BRUME RECORDS > label promoting several types of experimental and industrial music labs
LE CRI DE LA HARPE > ambiant drone experimental label featuring oldine, wenderbecq...
FICH ART > cd-r and tape label dealing with electronica and electroacoustic music
HTZ RECORDS > a label for the electronic-dub & ambient-grooves' addicts
LYKILL RECORDS > ecclectic sounds with artists like phlegm, electroscope, stasola...
OPTICAL SOUND > experimental records for your dream machine
Q-TAPE RECORDS > electro, easy, post rock oriented label

BIDIBOP > quiet pop for quiet minds
CELLULOID MATA / CELL AUTO MATA > lo-tech soundscapes
DRAHOMIRA SONG ORCHESTRA > tasteless music for tasteful people
ELEKTROPLASMA > hard-techno to ambient project
ETEREO EXPANDEUM CLUB > electroambiant brothers
SILENCIO > abstract moods & silent feelings
THE KONKI DUET > do ! family, girls and guitars
ULTRA MILKMAIDS > twins explore drones and minimal soundscapes

DIGITAL BAOBAB > their talking magic tree is online
INSTITUT DRAHOMIRA > music, art, design, web experiments, cinema...
IRRIGATION WORKS > a search for some uncertain necessary spaces

AUTRES DIRECTIONS > webzine radio mp3
POSITIVE RAGE > from noise to electronica, an alternative view since 1990
L'ULTIME ATOME > web version of the electronica/experimental fanzine
WRECK THIS MESS > other musics on radio libertaire, paris

INSTANTS CHAVIRÉS > parisian club dedicated to experimental and improvised musics
LIONEL DARENNE > independent recording engineer
[LAW-RAH COLLECTIVE] > resource, collective, performance, label